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Do exercise(Past Tense , Present Continuous , Simple Present Tense

Today we given an exercise namely training 3, 4, 5 and need to reply question according to meaning that unknown. we replying 3 question and have to make objective question. when making question 4 we have to fill up every empty question related to period pronoun and for question 5 we have to do a structure question on present continuous and word now that easy. Because question meaning of word that unknown us should find the answer through objective question. But i still do not understand how for used prize continued how for easy used present tense. Because words that unknown our meaning must know English usage if we curious and knowledgeable in language english. But I only know a division only on past tense and if present continuous but not all. I hope this topic i can come in in examinations because it can give me score with many in examinations.

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