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Hello guys . .

Today I Faris bin Jalaluddin with my friends Fasihah, Fatin, Najwa. We today class was to present respective ideas every group. However
My group produce one products namely "Mug Blender" . this product result of cooperation 1 group and we name "Mug Blender". However before produced him our product, we give 1 assignment to every member of a group, fatin given assignment draw . . So I and my friend break to mill mud. Although look very simple it is not easy like me think. So, for our slogan product we "foolproof and a comfortable stainless steel". In addition our product could be used with various types of among them make juice, coffee and others. After do present our decision and other groups to present their work, my lecture give description and give one score to every group. Althought, this decision time have no give me a meaning that is good but my friend and I do sanguinary and best . .Perhaps this week not week for our group . So my group have score 6.5. We indebted and thank you because my friend because do sanguinary for the presentation. I hope my group can proceed with efforts and get one good result for future time. So which all because I . So I has taken a picture for our presentation group activity namely "Mug Blender"

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