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First Day in class Proficiency English

today is first day I come to English class skill. But class today I feel not my class, because per schedule subject today not group with me. however my nice friends force me go reason they said " we have to are trying to get in once otherwise we do not know the our class to not" so I also enter la with my nice friends Farez, Fasihah, Najwa, Sara, Huda, Amalina, Fatin. However after lecturer enter Miss Baiti talk today for the group 5 only. However we group 3, but after we would like to go out him order us wait and enter to this class. After all completed just la relief. As usual la first day class must be have to introduce name one by one. so I also introduce my la name .After all completed introduce our name talk and we do not learn today, may be orientation only. .
So get here only la . .This is story first day I come to skill class inggeris

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Fasihah Amiruddin said...

generasi muda perak oiii, mana ang punya post ?? *dah komeng*

mohd faris said...

eh why you speak malay??
owh my engllish, , , i want comment your post . .

sue sayank awk said...

where ur post message??empty jee

mohd faris said...

i still do my message...hee,...thank follow my blog. Althought, my blog not good with another blog but i try my best..

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