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Project Runway Challenge in class Proficiency English<>

 "Project Runway Challenge
Hello Guys..
...Today was week to 3 we in English skill class with our lecturer. today we should establish itself uniform school design with based on person creativity. we in a pair of school uniform because boys and girls in secondary school. This strange sound start however after understand all and it become increasingly attractive after every their design group prize and explain why. That their way design about 6 prize group with uniform design type of school different and full creativity.

Be selected first batch to present. I am very uptight because we not many preparation and we has no any script to be referred. So I and member quite fear to say. However after we go our forwards way speak spontaneously only. Motive that we draw this is giving sign based on our design and teamwork with design cooperation.Our there is I good think it most usable prepared to 'wear and elegent' among others. my group attain marks by getting 6 score from 10 and their additional 1 sign entitled to get. I my feeling group not yet quite ready because my all members ashamed. However for me that better only no problems. Overall Alhamdulilah we brave come to forward. I also wish to congratulate to male student because get 9 / 10.
all right, get here only.before that you see la ago my picture member of a group and my group activity.

       So that all my post for today...
       Seee me on next post...

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Daeng Selili said...

untung la dikepit aweks~ kih kih kih..Assalamualaikum....salam 1Malaysia..
Semoga berjaya hendaknya blog ini

mohd faris said... comment for the girl..haha
this is my first blog and i dont know its perfect or no . .by the way i try my best to get a good result . .hee..
#help me

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