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Yesterday  my family and i went to Pulau Pinang and we spent the whole day to walk around there. Our travel were very smoothg and clear because the weather was nice. Pulau Pinang was famous with its Nasi Kandar but the most famous place to get nasi kandar at Nasi Kandar Line Clear. Other Fomous place is Batu Feringgi , Pulau Jerjak , Bukit Bendera and other.
my Family decided to go Pulau Pinang by ferry rather than go through the bridge. We arrived at Pulau Pinang around 12 and without wasting the time, we go straight for Bukit Bendera. However at Bukit Bendera we ave  to  wait to buy the trains ticket because there were so many foreign and other local tourist want to go Bukit Bendera. Finally, we get our turn to ride the train. When we arrive at the hill, we were amazet with the flora view and the weather was quite cool. From the top hill, we can see the beautiful island and town. After travelled for 2 hour, we ride back the train to go down.
After travelled around Bukit Bendera we went to Bukit Jambul comlex for shopping. Me, myself bought 2 shoes there because the price was quite affortable.
Later, when finished shopping, we decided to go back because everyone were so tired. However, even thought all of us were tired, we still can smile because we feel happy as we get to spent our time together. Thats all my story about the trip to Pulau Pinang. I promise that i will tell another story when i have tinme....

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