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About MatLuthfi

MatLuthfi is the someone intelligent and wise.  For me he produce ideas that is usefel to society.  Every time he produce story often related with current issues.  Sometimes the also story line show clearly message and awaken society on an issue, only and unconscious only now.  He also like is likened with a joker from France Remi Gaillard.  Theirstyle almost identical only from language aspect only namely Matluthfi from Malaysia and Remi Gaillard from France.  With scenes that he doing very make people laugh and reach want to cry there is.  They also kind of attitude that is open and not really bother, so that people like we should emulate.  So that all about the MatLuthfi...very Good and best to show. So i hope you enjoy..

This is a video and i think interesting....

After i show this video this is very funny. This video tell that we as human do not overly believe to a thing that no solid evidence, for example with what he show like rumours tsunami, than on story representative that is baseless.  n conclusion, this video give clearly message that everything that we talk and make decision should possess solid proof.  Otherwise we have judge of someone that from innocent to sinful. So that i choose this video.

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