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Social networking sites such as twitter, Facebook and blog have destroyed communication between friends and family. Do you agree?

No because internet is one of the great inventions of people in twentieth century.  The internet bring us a lot of advantages to all field of society such as communication of sharing knowledge among people in the world, but same people think internet has destroyed the traditional communication among friend and family.  So, the internet does not destroy the communication among friend and family and it is also provides more ways to help people connect to other.

Firstly, it can he;p people to contact other despite of distance, through the internet like facebook or yahoo, we can talk many friend in any where and any time if we want. 

Secondly, communication by using the internet very quickly and economical.  So we can save the cost and time to do other work more effectively.

Next, using the social networking people can meet a lot of people, than they can expand relationship.

In conclusion,  for all reason why I saying no are because I believe the internet social network site not only help people to contact easy, but it is also provide a new ways to communication with others.  Consequently, the internet helped people in the world to be more closer.

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