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Malay Land Train

Today the first time in my life on the train .. This is because as there is no bus to go back to shah alam. This is definitely one I'm pound for later purchase tickets as students UITM pound back once so it causes all kinds of bus tickets run out entirely. Anything otherwise I might not be on the train and this history of my life .. but this is also my pound fortune if I do not run out pound train because only remaining seat is only bed and also my ticket I bought my promise reach Shah nature .. But this train do not go to Shah Alam and will go down to kl central. Tickets I'm at 1 am and until 6:45 in the morning. Of beds worth the price I paid as provided blankets and pillows. When I entered the train was relatively quiet conditions only because many people are in bed. So when I get to kl central to the UKM commuter ride because my brother waiting for me there. This is the memories I ride KTM from TAIPING - KL SENTRAL.

The site for this is bed


                                                                  This is My Room

                                                            This is my location for departure

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