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"Mug Blender"

Today we are learning in class 5 Proficiency English. So today we were directed to create a task in the form of group. Heading the goods they are still not on the market. So I group with my friends experts namely Fasihah , Fatin with Najwa. So we are decided to make a mug blender. Ok now we have 4 people so every one we dispense each kind of work I am looking for a tagline, najwa paint a picture, fasihah describe the items we make and Fatin give ideas for Fasihah.  When ready we were directed to expand our creations but this day do not have time to spread out because the time had too late so lecturer order expand next week. All students are happy because some group there are still not ready so they can prepare their work which is still no shortage of not having enought what is appropriate. This is still not ready for the work team again, next week I upload my pictures of our work.. . . 

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yuyu alizaman said...

interesting :)

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