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Today on my way to go back to my hometown at Perak Darul Ridzuan. So exactly at 3 pm I'm back with brother's friend as he pounds I lived a village. Althought the  traffic conditions as we are not the people expect it to be in the situation crowded when at slim river, But how to do we have to jointly participating a traffic jam. Each break was almost entirely full kawasana no small matter mahupon large rest area remains full, and we ended up stopping at rest areas tapah, with full parking area we had to wait until people are empty. When everything's settled right at 8 pm we move people from tapah within a few kilometers after the disaster and I find no reason why the road becomes congested. In case like this I do not complain pound reason this has become a common thing pounds. I do not It felt very tired when you are in the car when a friend's brother is not pon la chat industrious very empty feeling. in traffic jams that people have enough time we joked. I also my time to take pictures of traffic conditions as a reference. . huuhu ..Exactly at 10 pm I pound it home ...
So come here just my story about chinese festive holidays filled with jam ..
thank you for reading my blog, so get here soon ...


                                           this situation very crowded and i arrived at 10 pm

That all from me......

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